Friday, 29 October 2010

Lisa's Shrink Plastic Addiction!

The Bead Shop is somewhere that I have wanted to work at for a long time, and so when a vacancy came up I applied straight away. I was very happy to be offered the job, and so I left my bar job and entered the beading world.

Before getting my previous job, I graduated from Nottingham Trent University, where I specialised in mould making and casting with resin. Whilst this was always a technique that I loved, I soon spotted a new favourite once I began working here at The Bead Shop – shrink plastic!

I immediately saw the potential of working with this new medium, and rushed out straight away to buy a pack of permanent markers to get designing!
I love this Cityscape necklace...

I have found that shrink plastic has really unleashed my inner child – I remember shrinking crisp packets when I was younger – but whilst reminiscent of that, this technique clearly offers far more scope! I was surprised by the amount of detail you can achieve with shrink plastic, whether through using printed designs or hand drawn ones.

So far I have created many pieces, and find it brilliant that I can bring my love of drawing in to my jewellery making. It is amazing to be able to wear my doodles, and it’s also a cheap way to satisfy my creative cravings.

As I have found myself so encouraged recently, I have been on a mission to do one creative thing every day, and with Halloween fast approaching I decided to draw inspiration from the fantastic Bead Shop window display and design some spooky pieces like the bat. (Shown below).

Although the Ghostbusters necklace isn’t very scary, I do love it. As I wanted it to look authentic, I found it useful to trace the image on to the plastic. I wasn’t convinced that I would be able to freehand draw the circle otherwise!

Out of the shrink plastic pieces I have created so far, I think my favourite has to be the Meg & Mog necklace. I took the image from the front cover of one of the books I used to read at primary school. I almost ended up choosing the cover of The Funny Bones book, but I think that will be one I attempt for next Halloween.

I really love working with shrink plastic, and have really been inspired by its many possibilities. I think I’ve managed some pretty fun necklaces so far, I hope you like them too!

Lisa x

Monday, 11 October 2010

National Knitting Week!

Exciting times as it's National Knitting Week! Here's a message from Knit in Notts!

Yes! It’s that time of year again National Knitting Week, what better time to get those knitting needles back out & get the winter knits started!

Everyone is welcome to pop along & join us, it really doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice, an expert or never knitted before (there’ll be some one on hand to get you started)!

Yesterday saw the start of the week with a tasty roast dinner at The Orange Tree, however there are plenty more events planned for the rest of the week!

Tuesday 12th Oct we will be in our usual spot of Lee Rosy’s for knitting, tea & of course cake from 5.30pm!

Wednesday 13th Oct we’re off to Fade & the hard to find Cafe on Mansfield road from 6pm. We’ll be making the little hats you see on Innocent smoothie bottles in aid of Age Concern – don’t worry if you don’t have needles or yarn to hand, we’ll be bringing plenty along with us.

We’ll be ending the week on Friday 15th Oct in The Lincolnshire Poacher with a pub knit and games courtesy of Knit Nottingham (Nottingham’s new knitting shop, on Mansfield road).

So what are you waiting for!